$BBOTS Moon Mission !

2 min readApr 28, 2021

For the past few days ASI developer was working on a new Tokenomics for BBOTS project to make it easily achieving more profits for all the holders.

The following bullet points are going to be the new BBOTS Roadmap/Tokenomics of BBOTS (PCS V2 Migration Event)

  • The daily BBOTS burning from the DEX will increase to be 20% on a daily basis instead of 5% the price will jump by 20% on a daily basis instead of 5%.
  • No minting functions in the smart contract.
  • The user who will trigger the burning function will be rewarded by 4000 BBOTS instead of 40.
  • All BBOTS holders are going to get a distribution of 100X more tokens for example if you’re a holder of 10000 BBOTS you’ll receive 100X more tokens which means 1M BBOTS.
  • Pancakeswap V2 migration will occur at the same event time (Monday 3rd May 2021 8PM UTC)
  • The total supply will increase to be 5B BBOTS and 550 initial circulating supply
  • BASI/BNB and ASI/ETH LP farming will happen on UNISWAP and PANKAKESWAP DEXs instead of ASISWAP. (Farming launch on Monday 17th May)
  • BBOTS STAKING & the Dashboard will be launched on Monday 10th May
  • Migration and token distribution process will be done from the Dev’s end and all the holders don’t have to take any actions.
  • Staking and Farmring dashboard will be on https://asi.finance instead of asiswap website.

You can always ask the DEV & the Moderators on the Telegram group

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