Earn 4000 BOTS everyday by calling the 5% liquidity burn function

  • BBOTS is the smart rewarding token for ASISwap DEX.
  • Basically it’s increasing in value on a daily basis by burning 5% out of the liquidity.
  • The BBOTS side is burning every 30000 Blocks on BSC and 6500 Bocks on ETH Network.
  • ASISwap Developer has set this function and anyone can trigger it and it rewards the caller by 4000 BOTS|BBOTS.


  1. Open ASISwap website to check the block counter (Under development)
  2. Once the 30000Blocks passed open BSCSCAN for BBOTS then Write contract (You can check the remaining blocks to the next burn by opening the read contract tab)
  1. Connect your wallet (Any wallet on BSC)
Connect your wallet

4. Go to the dexBurn then click write to call the function

call the dexBurn Function

5. Confirm the Transaction and it will give you the 4000 BOTS rewards

Note: Only the first success caller transaction will receive the rewards.

Note: If you initiated the transaction before the 30000Blocks Metamask will give you an alert that the Transaction won’t go through so if you find that the TX fee is high don’t complete it because the 30000 blocks are not passed yet.

Check The BOTS & BBOTS smart contract HERE



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